The history of the company, SPO Marketing, streches back to 2003, when students from the University of Debrecen Medicine Faculty started to organize the SPO parties, which are responsible for the preopening, opening and Halloween parties ever since then, and of course all the International nights in Debrecen at White Angel, and so on. Later on, in 2006 the Visitme Card was introduced among foreigner students studying in Debrecen. Our main goal was to build a service that would help and make the foreigner students' everyday life easier by collecting valuable discounts at usefull businesses all over Debrecen, since then, this card became the most popular among student in Debrecen. The founder of Visitme has been building the company ever since the beginning. Our team is young, creative and motivated to bring innovative concepts to the Visitme system.The year of 2013 is a big milestone in the company's life, since we intagrated the "activate your card system" in order to be able to give discounts on deliveries, as well. So, because of the growing demand on home delivery, we decided to step forward by building a unique system and adding an online delivery service to our website, that would simplify even further the students' life by enabling a quicker and more convenient way to order food. Our range covers many really good restaurants in Debrecen, anything you would expect to find from pizza to sushi. Ordering lunch or dinner from your favourite restaurant in town and have food delivered to your door has never been as simple. If you are looking for a meal to enjoy with friends or family, Visitme provides the best in convenience, choice and taste and most importantly, the best price. Not to mention our special point collecting system, that will allow you to exchange points for valuable gifts. Each Forint you spend, earns more and more points for you! At least, but not last: excellent customer satisfaction is the heart of our business.

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