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    Rsupport’s VisualSupport - RemoteCall solution utilizes the customer’s mobile device camera to stream HD video of the issue(s) they’re experiencing in real-time. By using Rsupport’s video support solution, support representatives are able to see exactly what the customer is experiencing and eliminate the need for customers to narrate their issues. Additionally, customers are able to stream and receive support from virtually any location through a Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE connection.

    • Improve First Call Resolution
    • Reduce Time to Resolution
    • Increase Overall Satisfaction

    [Key Features]
    1. Real-time Video Streaming
    Support representatives are able to see exactly the issues the customer is experiencing through a real-time video stream.
    2. Screen Capture
    Analyze issues more effectively by taking a screenshot of what the customer is streaming.
    3. On-screen Drawing
    Mark important areas for the customer to see to communicate certain points more clearly.
    4. Easy to Connect
    All the customer needs to do to get connected is input the 6-digit connection code provided by the support representative.

    [Receiving Video Support - Customers]
    1. Download, install, and then launch the VisualSupport application.
    2. Enter the 6-digit connection code provided by the support representative, then click ‘OK’.
    3. Engage in real-time video support.
    4. Close the application once video support session has ended.

    * Android OS 4.0~6.0 Recommended

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