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    Control and monitor your irrigation pivots with WagNet Mobile by AgSense! WagNet users can login to view near real-time data and send commands to their pivots.

    ------KEY FEATURES------
    Login with your WagNet username and password.
    View up-to-the-minute data from Pivot Points, Field Commanders, Precision Links, and TrackerSPs..
    View up-to-the-minute data from soil moisture probes attached to Aqua Trac units
    View up-to-the-minute data from Crop Links and send commands to relays.
    Send commands to pivots including START, STOP, CHANGE DIRECTION, and STOP AT ANGLE.
    View and edit speed and endgun tables.
    View and edit the main configuration of units.
    Graphically set the center for circular pivots.
    Graphically set the corners for laterals.

    WagNet (Wireless Agricultural Network) provides farmers with a real-time remote management capability for many operations around the farm. WagNet Mobile now brings many of those remote management functions to your Android device!

    Login with your WagNet username and password to access your account. Don't have a WagNet account? No problem! Download the app and login to the demo account to test the available features!

    View the latest readings from your pivots, see the latest commands that have been sent, and even add notes for yourself or any shared users!

    • Current status (ON, OFF, IDLE, FWD, REV)
    • Pivot Angle
    • Water pressure
    • Speed
    • Endgun status
    • Last 5 commands sent to the unit
    • Any timed commands that are scheduled
    • Notes

    View the current and historical data from soil moisture probes attached to Aqua Trac units. The historical data is presented in a large, graphical view that's interactive and easy to use.

    • Individual sensor data
    • Sensor sum values
    • Full and refill values
    • Battery
    • Signal Strength
    • Customizable graph views allow you to view only the data you want to see

    View the current and historical data from Crop Links including sensor data and soil moisture probe data. Switch relays ON or OFF and receive quick feedback of the command status.

    • View all analog and digital sensor data
    • View soil moisture probe data
    • Send commands to switch relays ON or OFF

    Send commands to your pivots with a simple command interface that's easy to navigate and provides quick feedback about the status of each command.

    • Start Now, Start Once, Start Always
    • Start Forward, Start Reverse
    • Change Direction
    • Stop Now, Stop Once, Stop Always
    • Stop At Angle
    • Clear Timed Start, Clear Timed Stop
    • Clear Stop Angle

    View and edit speed and endgun tables for units with speed and endgun control. You can access all your tables for each unit, create new tables, or utilize predefined tables such as Always ON or Always OFF. You can also edit table names.

    • View, edit, and send regular speed tables
    • View, edit, and send endgun tables
    • View, edit, and send big speed tables
    • Change table names

    View and edit the main configuration parameters for units. This includes the ability to graphically set the GPS coordinates of the center of a pivot!

    • Pivot alias
    • Pivot type
    • Pivot and endgun lengths
    • Graphical angles
    • Pressure sensor details
    • Estimated flow rate
    • External devices
    • GPS Coordinates

    Requires valid WagNet username and password to access certain features.

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