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    THERE ARE TWO MOBILELOT APPS ON THE MARKET. THIS ONE IS FOR BETA RELEASES FOR CLIENT TESTING PRIOR TO BEING RELEASED INTO PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS. In normal situations, please install the NON-Beta app (not this one) by searching for "MobileLot. For a complete description of the app search Google Play for the NON-Beta app and read its description.

    3/11/2013: 3.0 (Beta 3) More adjustments/fixes.
    3/8/2013: 3.0 (Beta 2). Numerous crash/bug fixes due to changes in Ti-SDK 3.02GA. Please report any issues to

    3/1/2013: 3.0 (Beta 1). This is a NON-PRODUCTION version which we are still currently testing. We are sure there are still some glitches and bugs for us to discover and repair. In the event that it is used in a production environment, you the user assume ALL RISKS. This is a test version and is NOT to be used in any mission critical scenarios or scenarios where your business depends on it. Once again, you assume all risks. We are only releasing this Beta at this time for one client to use for testing the new barcode scanner which deals better with the increasing device screen sizes and densities.


    Changed barcode scanner plugin to a plugin created by a different company. The new barcode scanner supports full-screen scanning.

    Many code adjustments needed in order to use the latest Ti.SDK (3.0.2.GA) rather than the older stable (but getting dated) 1.8 Ti.SDK.

    Added an option to sort vehicle list by date added so that since when printing stickers it batch mode it prints vehicles in the order they are in the list, now you can sort the list by date/time added and thus print stickers in that order, making it easier to walk the lot to place stickers and have them already in the proper order you collected the data in.

    Minor refinements.


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