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    The Watch*IT OPC Android TM app gives users a way to interact with the Watch*IT OPC Enterprise and Express editions providing a window on events and process values from the shop floor. It extends Watch*IT OPC functionality to your Android smartphone in new ways. Watch*IT OPC can already send your phone text messages, Tweets on Twitter, and emails when something goes into alarm, but now you can explore your site's current conditions with your Android 2.2 or greater smartphone.

    No matter what you need to watch (temperatures, speeds, or levels to name a few), your Droid can tell you what the current values are and show you trends and graphs from the last 24 hours. You can see any current alarms, acknowledge them, and customize the limits of your own personal alarms events.

    About Watch*IT OPC Enterprise

    We have designed Watch*IT OPC to monitor data from many sources, from a single temperature probe in a storage room to a large-scale manufacturing process. It can even watch the computerized systems and networks that support your site. Whether it is a laboratory, manufacturing plant or a storage closet, Watch*IT OPC collects information from your existing systems and provides you with alerts and trends.

    While Watch*IT OPC is collecting data, it watches for values that fall outside your chosen parameters. When a value is out of this range, Watch*IT OPC will alert the people you chose (via email or text message) to the alarm condition. Alarm monitoring is in real-time. Therefore, if there is an alarm event happening now, you know about it now. Since Watch*IT OPC sends alerts to a tailored list of people during an alarm event, you are already one-step closer to addressing the alarm the moment it happens!

    Because Watch*IT OPC is collecting data from your data sources, it can give you trending from them too. You can use the trending feature to see what has happened at your site. Watch*IT OPC can monitor the trends also with its rate of change alarm. When a value is changing faster or slower than it should, Watch*IT OPC will send an alert.

    -Rate of Change Alerts
    As an example, suppose you are monitoring the temperature a freezer that has a high alarm limit to alert you when temperature rises too high. However, there would be no alarm if someone left the freezer door open until the temperature reached the alarm limit. However, a rate of change alarm would notice the temperature rising faster than normal. Since the rate of temperature change exceeds the rate of change limit, Watch*IT OPC sends an alert before the temperature in the freezer becomes a problem.

    -Historical Reporting
    The Enterprise edition of Watch*IT OPC stores the data it collects to offer historical services. The historical capabilities offer the ability to compare current trends to last year, or the last production run. It can aid with investigations into a production successes or failures. From off the shelf report applications to integrated custom reporting tools, we can offer a variety of reporting solutions to meet any need.

    -Security and Value
    Watch*IT OPC can help you protect your products and property and find new efficiencies. In addition, it helps limit waste by allowing you recognize preventable events so that you can address them before they become a problem. Even though its value is immeasurable, we have priced Watch*IT OPC amazingly low, with several options for less than $100. Whether you need to watch five or 5000 data sources, you can purchase an affordable license that fits your needs.

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