# About WebEye
    : WebEye, WEBGATE mobile application, allows all valued users to monitor and control all WEBGATE products, under mobile device environment, at anywhere and anytime.

    New features in version 3.12.
    1. Live UI features have been integrated.
    2. N1080 camera settings features added.
    3. Other issues are fixed.

    What's New in Version 3.10
    1. The P2P functionality has been improved.
    2. Support for third-party IP cameras connected to the DVR.
    3. Other problems have been fixed.

    #Additional major functions in V3.6

    Minor Bugs are resolved

    #Additional major functions in V3.4

    1. Playback Calendar is added
    2. Playback' UI has changed
    3. N1080PT-IR-Z20B can be seen
    4. Audio function is added to Live/Playback (Hi-Silicon device only)
    5. Stream Names have changed to "High-resolution/Low-resolution"
    6. High-Resolution is default stream in Live

    #Additional major functions in V3.2

    a.Support unit with P2P function
    b.Support HS, HSC model series
    i.New model HS1600F-D, HSC1601F-D, HSC801F-D
    c.Bug fixed and improved stability

    #Additional major functions in V3.0

    a. The way of choosing DVR’s channel is changed.
    i. DVR's whole channels are shown in one screen.

    b. Playback function is newly added
    i. You can get to the playback mode from live monitoring mode
    ii. You can get to the playback mode from event logs
    iii. Playback is provided with 2 streams (High/Medium) according to the DVR model

    c. You can also see the logs of DVRs which are registered to WinRDS.

    #Additional major functions in V2.2

    1. In case multiple IPs are assigned, they can be registered repeatedly in one device
    2. When adding new unit, registration is enabled with no need to fill out all unit’s information.
    3. Search and Access function of HDC401M is enabled.
    4. Image broken/close issues in unit search through WRS are resolved.

    # v2.0 Updated Major Features
    1. Streaming service :
    Video streaming is supported. But its performance totally depends on each -
    own network environment.
    (Max CIF at 30fps, Half at 16fps, D1 at 10fps, 720p at 2fps, 1080p at 2fps (HD works under Client Pulling mode) ,

    2. Streaming Selection : In single channel view, user can select stream type.,
    3. Support WinRDS(TM)
    4. D-Zoom(x4) : Pinch to zoom and thumbnail view box for D-zoom
    5. Event log search by time : user can search event log by time base.
    6. Multi language support - 8 countries in total.
    7. Fixed all minor bugs.

    # Supported Android Product
    - All Android Models
    But it is tested only on Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note2, Galaxy Note 10.1
    Optimus 3D, Optimus LTE2

    # Supported Android version
    - Android 2.3 or Upper

    # Supported eDVR products
    MH1600H/MH1600M/MH3200M (Touch Series) F/W v3.0.24 or Upper
    MH1600H F/W v2.16.2 or Upper
    EH1600L/EH800M/400H (H.264 Series) F/W v2.16.2 or Upper
    LH1600C/LH800L (H.264 Series) F/W v2.16.2 or Upper
    MD1600H/MD1600M/MD3200M - F/W v2.6.9 or Upper
    HD400H /HD800H - F/W v3.14.7 or Upper
    HD1600M/HDC400M - F/W v3.18.0 or Upper
    HDC400M - F/W v4.0.0 or Upper
    WinRDS v1.0 or Upper

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