WebKeyboard is Japanese IME to input the character from web a browser.
    Development and testing will be to ease application development time, as it may be a character input from the browser.

    the server is started with the Android terminal.
    It communicates between terminals with browser by the http protocol.

    ** Please avoid the input of the password to input it to the network. **

    ** It communicates with the Android terminal only between browsers. It doesn't communicate outside. **

    It is possible to use even in a global network environment
    Please use it in the local network environment in consideration of the transmission rate and security.

    == Setting ==
    Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Webkeyboard is checked.

    == Start ==
    Server is started specifying the port (default 9999).
    Because url is displayed, it accesses it by Web browser.

    == Use ==
    input method of edit of long push -> Edit text[Input method] -> Webkeyboard is checked.

    == Web browser ==
    * input text
    The input character is forwarded as it is.
    * keyboard emulator
    0-9 a-z space enter backspace key is emulated.

    When the keyboard of the android terminal is displayed, the input is effective.

    -- The author thanks--
    OpenWnn that the Omron company developed is used for Japanese IME.

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