WebMobi Box




    WebMobi is a cloud based mobile app creation platform that allows businesses and enterprises to easily create and deploy cross-platform mobile apps to engage audiences. As users, you can easily create customized mobile web and hybrid apps through instant from scratch using drag and drop functionality, choosing from a range of predesigned features and APIs to add to your app.

    In addition to the WebMobi also offers a vast selection of professional templates and features to enhance your app's UI, we provide customized forms feature that allows businesses to create and submit form data to meet their business goals.

    There are various ways for businesses to utilize the Box app with Push Notifications. In one scenario, businesses can use the WebMobi platform to submit client-side data to their Box account, where internal employees are able to easily access the information and see data changes in real-time across all mobile devices. They will receive push notifications as soon as the item is shared to them.

    The advantages mentioned especially appeal to Box SMBs who are interested in investing in a mobile presence to gather information from their audiences, but may not have the resources or the experience to create functional apps.