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    Greeting Everyone,

    I am a Professional Software Programmer with a degree in
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from
    University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri State, USA.

    With over 13 years of fulltime working experience as Programmer, including over 1++ years of working experience as Analyst Programmer in U.S.

    I am providing Software Programming Services.
    You are welcome to check out more details in my website :

    No matters you are operating business, working professional, studying, or even just learning programming for fun. All people are welcomed to outsource your projects to me.

    Services Provided:

    1) Accept IT Projects Outsourcing.
    2) Developed custom software systems for companies/ individual.
    3) Developed Android and iPhone App.
    4) Macro programming for reporting and others.
    5) Web based application programming.
    6) Open-source projects modification and customization.

    For those who are uncertain about my Programming Skills, below are list of Programming Languages and Scriptings which I know. (The lists will keep on growing) :

    Objective-C, Java, C/C++, PHP, PERL, Visual Basic, Pascal, LISP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C# and etc.

    Javascript, VBscript, ASP, Actionscript and etc.

    Oracle, MYSQL, MSSQL (SQL Server), Access and etc.

    Apache, Tomcat, Linux and etc.

    Pocket PC, Mobile.NET, Windows CE, MIDP, CLDC, J2ME and etc.

    JSP, JBoss, WAP, Servlet, Applet, HTML, DHTML, XML, Flash, Object Oriented Programming, JDBC, ODBC, VBA, CGI, PL/SQL,CSS, Palm applications development and etc.

    Some Of The Completed Projects Lists :

    1) Augmented Reality program using ARToolkit - A program that capture real time video with webcam and display 3D models (WRL) with predetermined markers ( C/C++ )

    2) Messaging and communication App for iPhone ( Cocoa, Objective-C )

    3) RSS Feed reader App for Android ( Java, Android SDK )

    4) BlackBerry application for viewing surveillance webcams. ( Java, BlackBerry 5.0.0 and 6.0.0 APIs )

    5) Java protocol simulation application using Piccolo2D with interactive 2D animations.
    ( Java, Piccolo2D )

    6) Application for generating PCB components coordinates specification file using dynamically combined images map ( C++ )

    7) Daily income, expenses calculator for individual ( VB.NET, MSSQL Express 2005 )

    8) Implementation of a program to capture QR Code using camera on handphone and save the decoded data to existing Contact Manager on handphone, using existing QR Code API ( Java, J2ME )

    9) MyKad Thumb Print Verification Program using IRIS hardware ( WinCE, C++, SQLite)

    10) Voting System via Bluetooth on Hanphone and PC ( Java, MySQL )

    11) Price Calculations and Quotations System For Machinaries ( VB.NET )

    12) Planar Homography Project ( Java )

    13) Project Quality Control Management System ( ASP.NET, VB.NET, MSSQL Express 2005 )

    14) Smartcard ( IRIS ) Reading and Writing System On Windows CE ( VB.NET, Oracle )

    15) RFID Smart Tag Reader/Writer Prototype ( Java, MySQL )

    16) Android app to read/write NFC tags for a book cataloging system (Andorid, Java)

    17) SMS Gateway System For Maxis, Celcom, Digi ( Java, SOAP, MySQL )

    18) OCR ( Optical Characters Recognition ) System with JTWAIN Scanning ( Java, MySQL)

    19) Opensource Website/Projects customization ( Oscommerce, ZenCard, Moodle, Mambo, Joomla and etc )

    20) Online Scheduling Portal ( PHP, MySQL )

    21) Webcam Surveillance System Portal ( PHP, MySQL )

    22) Hotel Reservation System ( VB.NET, MySQL )

    23) Pocket PC Parcel Tracking System ( VB.NET )

    24) Customized VOIP Application ( C,C++ )

    25) Video Streaming Server and Client ( VB.NET )

    26) Payroll System with Multi-levels Commission ( VB.NET, MySQL )

    27) Bus Ticketing Information System ( ASP.NET, VB.NET )

    28) E-Business Cards Management System ( Java, J2ME, MySQL )

    29) Peer-2-Peer File Sharing ( VB.NET )

    30) Movie Booking System using GSM modem ( VB.NET, MySQL )

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