Wetrusty full-range protection against counterfeiting
    Anti-Counterfeit Tag control.
    Inquiry and verification of potential counterfeit products.
    Information link.
    Audit of authorizations.
    System security.

    Smart device APP identification technology
    Wetrusty APP allows customers to use smart device to quickly scan the Tag. This APP interface is instinctive and user-friendly—easy and fast to verify product authenticity without getting lost in complicated instructions and web pages.

    Product information inquiry
    When customers scan the Anti-Counterfeit Tag on the product, related information could automatically appear (information which enterprises want to offer), such as: product information, company name, traceability, distributions/logistics information, etc. This will facilitate product verification and inquiry.
    Customers can enjoy easy access to related company information, such as websites, customer service telephone lines, etc.
    Enterprises can provide latest information to customers through Wetrusty APP.

    Anti-Counterfeit Tags with randomly allocated filaments—solid and touchable
    Unique Tag ID numbers and QR code.
    Anti-Counterfeit filaments are solid and tactile.
    The allocation and density of the anti-counterfeit filaments are randomly dispersed.
    Our system authenticates each Tag and keeps its image in our cloud database.

    3-Step Mobile Anti-Counterfeit
    1 Touch
    Anti-Counterfeit filaments are solid and tactile. Consumers can touch, feel and look at them to see if they are 3-dimensional.

    2 Scan
    Use the Wetrusty APP to scan the Anti-Counterfeit Tag and QR Code. Should scanning fails, customers can switch to manual mode, enter the tag ID numbers to obtain the authenticated image provided by Wetrusty service

    3 Compare
    Compare your scanned image/photo with the authenticated image provided by Wetrusty. Pay close attention to the allocations of the Anti-Counterfeit filaments: their positions, shapes and quantities.
    To facilitate comparison, customers can click any key to enlarge and drag images, or switch compare mode—“side by side” mode or “overlay” mode.
    ※ If your photograph is blurry or unclear, please re-scan, or use the original Anti-Counterfeit Tag for comparison.

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