The White Label Mobile Agent App is the ultimate, state-of-the-art, real-time business success measuring tool. Everything is about information and speed. WLM Agents may constantly monitor the actual business results take instant actions if necessary.

    This app can only be used by licensed WLM Reseller/Agents!

    The Agent App allows permanent control over the following KPI:

    Account Information

    • Remaining Agent Credit Balance in EUR
    • Number of customers
    • Number of active customers over the last 30 days period
    • ARPU in EUR

    Table and Graph Business Results

    • Time period 12 month
    • Revenue per month in EUR
    • Cost of activities in EUR
    • Generated Gross Profit in EUR

    Graph Generated Voice-Traffic - SMS - Data

    • Time period 12 month
    • Number of voice traffic minutes
    • Quantity of SMS
    • Usage of Data services

    Graph Top 10 SIM card - Roaming Country – Destination

    • Top ARPU in EUR per SIM card over the last months of usage
    • Top Revenue generated in EUR per SIM card over the last 12 months
    • Top Roaming Countries in EUR and minutes
    • Top Destination Countries in EUR and minutes

    ..... More Graphs

    • Average GSM Call Time in minutes
    • Average VoIP Call Time in minutes
    • Average Web Callback Call Time in minutes
    • Number of first used SIM card per months
    • Quality of Service

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