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    According to recent news, WordPress powers over 8.5% of the web, with over 10,000 WordPress Plugins.

    If you are running an online business, then most likely you need a website or some sort of landing page.

    WordPress started as primarily a blog platform, but over time evolved as a CMS or a Content management system.

    Now businesses can use WordPress to create professional company websites. ??More and more online business owners are moving towards using WordPress as their blog, website, or landing page...simply because WordPress is so easy to setup and manage.

    Setting up WordPress can be done in less than 3 minutes, literally. In the world of WordPress Plugins, there are more than thousands of plugins that you can use. Some are free, some you have to pay for.

    But the big question, is...

    As an online business owner, what WordPress Plugins will truly help you ??

    Which ones will help you run your business better? Save you time? And also save you money? Help your website rank better? Help your website be user friendly?

    This app features a 10 part video course that will show you what *free* WordPress Plugins are available to you to start running your online business more efficiently starting today.

    • Video 1 - Introduction to the Must Have WP Plugins
    Duration: 05:54

    In this video, you will receive an introduction to ten sections and why we chose the wordpress plugins. While there are over 10-11 thousand wordpress plugins, we can only recommend a few. While that’s not to say the other plugins are not that great, these are ones that we have found to be very useful for ourselves.

    • Video 2 - SEO
    Duration: 25:39

    While there are hundreds of search engine related plugins, you will learn that you don’t need a lot to get started the right way. In this video, you will be shown a couple SEO related wordpress plugins and how to use them. In other words, we aren’t going to just show you the plugins, we’ll show you how to use them, so you know exactly what to do ...every step of the way.

    • Video 3 - User Friendly and Multimedia
    Duration: 21:59

    In this video, you will be shown the wordpress plugins that will make your user’s experience a good one. Besides making your wordpress site SEO friendly, you need to make it user friendly. Making your site SEO friendly will help your rankings, but forgetting about the user will be of no use for you as a business.

    • Video 4 - Social Media
    Duration: 11:10

    Social Media is huge and that’s why you’ll want to be sure to use it on your wordpress site. In this video, we will dive into some of the plugins that you gotta use to get more people interacting with your site, and even with each other.

    • Video 5 - Statistics
    Duration: 08:53

    What’s a site without stats? Just as it says, you’ll learn to add several wordpress plugins to your site so you can track your statistics...and most importantly, how to use them.

    • Video 6 - Communication and Privacy Policy
    Duration: 07:21

    • Video 7 - Mobile Friendly
    Duration: 04:53

    • Video 8 - E-Commerce and Content Security
    Duration: 14:17

    • Video 9 - Website Protection
    Duration: 08:54

    • Video 10 - Email and Autoresponders
    Duration: 11:45

    Total Running Time: 2 hours, 45 seconds

    ***** Requirements and Features *****
    • Only compatible with android devices that can support 640x480 video playback.
    • Internet connection required to download videos. (WiFi connection recommended.)
    • Total space required to download all videos is 121MB.
    • Each video will be downloaded automatically from high performance Amazon CloudFront servers when viewed for the first time.
    • Videos will be stored on SD card first if available, otherwise they will be stored in internal memory.
    • An alert message will be displayed if there is insufficient external or internal data storage available to download a video.


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