Xcarbonator Cleaning Ireland




    If you run a commercial kitchen you will know that the effective use of your employees time can be crucial to performance and profitability. In particular, the manual cleaning of kitchen utensils is very time consuming, expensive, and can expose kitchen staff to potentially dangerous caustic cleaning agents.

    The solution to this problem is the Xcarbonator system which uses a special detergent to break down carbon and grease, cleaning more effectively, in less time, and saving you money by releasing your staff for other vital tasks. It reduces water, energy and chemical use, and enhances overall kitchen hygiene, improving staff morale in the process.

    How much does a month's cleaning cost? Add up the price of labour, materials, electricity and hot water, and you could be spending more than you think. Xcarbonator offers a cost-efficient way to clean your equipment, cutting the costs of labour, materials and water.

    Xcarbonator a trusted professional cleaning system that removes all carbon traces from trays and racks. Designed for optimum efficiency, the machine is filled with water and detergent once a month, and incorporates many safety features.

    Reduced labour costs
    Reduced energy costs
    Reduced detergent costs
    Reduced scourer and steel wool costs
    Improved EHO relations
    Better hygiene and sterilisation
    Kills most known bacteria
    Cleans hard to get at areas
    Helps prevent food poisoning
    Temperature kills bacteria