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    As an organisation, ensuring the smooth flow of purchase process is at times a challenge especially due to multi-level approvals. With business becoming global and senior executives jet setting between cities, it is a tedious task to get approvals from managers on-time. The result is a sluggish organisation with time lags and delayed actions. Avail of Applexus purchase approval mobile solution that is destined to radically streamline your PO approval process.

    xPeditePO is the state-of-the-art enterprise mobility application that helps your organisation access & view the list of POs pending for approval in the SAP system, on your mobile with realtime updation of your SAP. This application is designed to help you accomplish your business task even when you are outside your organization network, and makes your life simpler. Get rid of the constraints of time and geographic location with xPeditePO. xPeditePO is independent of operating system and can be used in Andriod, Blackberry, IOS, Symbian or Windows operating systems.

    With xPeditePO, organisations can:
    1. Speed up the procure-to-pay of organisations
    2. Increase mobility by augmenting managers to approve Purchase Order even when they are out of the office
    3. Speed up the Purchase Order processing of the organisation
    4. Improve supplier relations, helping you to negotiate better deals

    1. Sends instant notification to any mobile device which has been configured to specific approver
    2. Helps managers get a list of purchase orders which needs to be approved/rejected
    3. Searches orders from the approved history in seconds
    4. Approve or reject any Purchase Order with or without comments
    5. Transfer order to higher authority that are in the chain of approvers list
    6. Communicates with the purchase requestor by means of Email or SMS
    7. Access to material information related to specific purchase order
    8. Gets the status of the order from the list of other approvers in the chain
    9. Derives the list of previous orders which has been raised by the same requestor

    xPeditePO Approval Application ensures:
    1. Faster Decision-making
    2. Ability to act on sales opportunities
    3. Minimal need for paperwork and laptops

    Complete your approvals in seconds via your mobile device with Applexus PO approval application and stay ahead of the curve and competition.


    1. SAP R/3 Server
    2. xPeditePO Service Package installed in R/3 Server

    Contact our Applexus Support Team for more details regarding xPeditePO Service Package

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