Yoobi is a complete online solution for writing time and customer relationships. Use our software to manage your data and projects. Schedule tasks and track opportunities. Create quotations and invoices in company style. Our app integrates seamlessly with our web application.

    Already a customer? Download the app and select 'login' to log in with your personal credentials.

    Want to start using Yoobi? Download the app and select 'register'. Create a personal Yoobi-account and get started. After 4 weeks your trial period expires. If you would like to keep using Yoobi you have to convert to a paid version. You will also get full access to the web application.

    With the app you can:

    - Write time on projects you work on
    - Register and declare expenses
    - Use a stopwatch for timetracking
    - Get approval for leave and check your leave balance
    - Access the entire CRM database
    - Synchronize contacts on your smartphone
    - Place orders and create quotes

    CRM users with the app:

    - Edit contact details
    - Use phone numbers and email addresses on your smartphone
    - Use the visiting address for navigation
    - Keep track of all sales activities
    - Follow-up on tasks and activities

    Managers use the app to:

    - Give approval for leave
    - Monitor deals
    - Stay updated on sales activities
    - Manage quotes and check the payment status
    - Project management

    Yoobi can be expanded and adjusted to fit the needs of your organization. We provide tailor made solutions for planning, billing and several sales features. Read all about it on our website.

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