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    Zendesk Sell is more than just a mobile sales app, it's an all-in-one solution that includes: customer management, sales tracker, sales pipeline, automatic sales communication tracker, task manager and calendar. Sell is remarkably easy to use, but underneath it's an extremely powerful sales app.

    Sell is a part of powerful Zendesk CRM platform.

    Sell is the sales tracking app you always wanted. By streamlining your contacts and sales into a simple, easy to use, sales pipeline, Sell makes managing your business easy.

    Sell proved to be the ultimate selling tool to support salesman working in field sales. The combination of map with geolocation, lead manager and easy sales leads capture provides field sales reps with the ultimate sales software. For inside or outside sales, this selling tool will make you and your company reach the new level of productivity.

    Qualify leads, and organize your sales process into a streamlined sales pipeline. Set up meetings, send emails, text messages and make calls all from within this mobile sales app. Never again miss an important detail about your customer, as all the communication history is organized into a neat timeline.

    Create tasks, organize sales calendar, follow up on meetings - all from your Android phone or tablet. Let Sell automatically track calls, emails and text messages. Then watch as all of your actions are instantly synced with the Sell web app at The next generation mobile sales app allows you to easily capture information during or after meetings and carry your sales data with you everywhere you go. Even if you are offline.

    Sell for Android is 100% free. However, the web version is limited to a 14-day trial with pricing starting at $19/month.

    Sell is the sales app designed specifically for ease of use and reliability. It is used daily by thousands of sales reps, sales managers and business owners world wide.

    Regardless if your a sales rep, sales leader or business owner, Sell will be uncontested in customer management, sales tracking, and helping you and your team be more productive.


    At Zendesk, we believe that sales software should be intelligent, friendly, and by your side everywhere your business takes you. With a highly usable interface, Sell is the first post-PC sales app to challenge the stale business software landscape. Effortlessly grow your business, no matter how crazy things get.

    * Lead management and customer management
    * Tracking opportunities in sales pipeline
    * Automatically track sales calls, and log calls in the system
    * Track emails and associate them with sales leads and customers
    * Use Geolocation to map customers and sales opportunities
    * Sync all of notes, contacts and deals across the computers and devices you use
    * Capture leads or contacts while you’re on the go and manage them through sales pipeline
    * Add tasks and reminders so you always remember to follow up
    * See the latest updates from colleagues and collaborate with every sales rep in the sales team
    * Native tablet app
    * And much much more...

    This application uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage data within the application.

    What are you waiting for? Get your free Sell account today to start growing your business.

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