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    ※※※ Cartoonist only works on Samsung devices since it uses Samsung S-Pen SDK ※※※

    Cartoonist is an app that help everyone to be a cartoonist. It helps people to easily draw cartoons and share with friends.

    - Provides full layer functions
    You can add, delete, show, hide, merge, or change position of layers.
    If all scene arts, speech bubbles, panes are positioned in one layer, it will overlap each other and will be very hard to work. (Image selection, moving, etc.)
    You can easily separate each works using layers and merge them later.

    - Provides wizard mode that draw panes automatically
    Can select pane number and type by just clicking two steps.

    - Provides various speech bubble art templates more than 30 items
    You don't need to draw speech bubbles each time, just use these template directly.

    - Open, save, share functions are included
    You can work continually and share your cartoon with friends.

    The difference between full version and free version is only the ads.
    If you don't like ads or you would like to donate, please buy the full version.

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