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    *For the small screens*
    The problem is the same for everyone. A comic page that is way too big to fit in the screen.
    Zoomed out, you can see the art just fine, but you can't read the text.
    Zoomed in, you can read the text but you can't see what's going on!

    Comic Reader Mobi's Smart Lens technology solves this once and for all! Just click on any text block, and CRM will automatically detect where it is and pop it out in a readable size! Best of all, it works on any image, so there's no need for proprietary formats or converted comics!
    Finally, you can read the text and enjoy your comics as the artist intended!

    *For the tablets*
    Stream comics from your computer using an standard WebDAV server! Just point it to your comics directory, and never worry about transferring comics over again!
    Supports double page views, so you can view your comics as they were intended!

    *For the superficial*
    Comic Reader Mobi has a nearly photorealistic page turn effect, that'll make you think you're reading the real thing!

    *For the comic reader*
    Supports RAR, Zip, CRB, and CBZ files, as well as directories full of images.
    Each folder full of comics is considered a separate series, and your place will be remembered in each one. Now you can read multiple series without having to lose your place in each any of them.

    *For the language student*
    If you have a comic in the language you know, and the one you want to learn, you can use Comic Reader Mobi to practice reading it!
    Just load both using the "Practice Language" feature, and whenever you're stuck on some text, or not quite sure, just click on the text bubble, and CRM will show you the text from the native language version!
    Learn any language with practically any comic, and have fun doing it!

    *For the Frugal*
    Buy our universal license, and you can use Comic Reader Mobi on any kind of device you have!

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    Users comments

    Michele F. Marrini

    by Michele F. Marrini

    Jan 18, 2017  |  "OK"

    After 3 years of not reading comics i went back to it and sadly I see that the app has not improved. Menu is still clunky, the fonts get cut abruptly, and I cannot even choose my external micro sd as comic location. No I don't have ES Explorer installed and don't need to (I use FX) and should not need to. Tyler come on...and this comes from someone who bought the app licenses 2 or 3 times (in the past 6 years)

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Nov 29, 2016  |  "Poor"

    It can't read and find my comics in sd card. Where's the support?

    Marius M

    by Marius M

    Nov 11, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Now is working perfect on my device.Excellent work and thank you.I can read from the SD card and that's what I was looking for...

    BuB Dundee

    by BuB Dundee

    Nov 11, 2016  |  "Great"

    App was foreclosing. Developer fixed it OVERNIGHT! Dev, there's still a bug where if you try open an incompatible file, it goes into an error & can't reopen with a compatible file.

    Marius Hristache

    by Marius Hristache

    Nov 11, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Same problem...suddenly is closing after start.I think the developer must come with a quick update to fix this problem.For me it was the best app. until now.Quickly...fix it. Thanks

    Johnny TheMad

    by Johnny TheMad

    Aug 23, 2016  |  "Good"

    Really great app BUT some comics load in black and white and the support for the app is pretty minimal. I'll change this review to 5* if the issue is ever corrected.