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    Manga Box: Manga App's review

    Published: 2015-09-10, by .

    Read manga while on the go

    • For manga addicts
    • Good reusability
    • Smooth performance
    • No search bar
    • Needs more recent content
    • Playback problems

    "Manga Meets Your Mobile Device"


    Manga Box packs a lot of manga into a little space. Curated with a the manga content you are looking for, expect to have a good time scrolling through all of your past favorites. While it could use a little work, it should be reasonably appealing to manga fans everywhere.


    If you love manga, here's another way for you to access some of it, especially the classics. It's updated quite a bit, so the reusability is definitely there. It's optimized for tablets and performs smoothly.


    It needs a search bar, so that you can pinpoint specific content. There's really not that much manga to choose from, lots of classic stuff, but missing some modern choices. You should be able to go back to the beginning of an episode.


    by William

    Sep 10, 2015


    Read original manga written by popular Japanese manga authors for FREE!
    Whether you've got a few free minutes while waiting for the bus, or right before going to bed, you can enjoy reading manga with Manga Box!

    [Manga Box Features]
    * Free!
    All manga on Manga Box are free to read. You can browse past issues (the latest twelve issues) and, of course, the newest issue is free as well.

    * Popular manga authors
    Even if it's free, who wants to read boring manga? On Manga Box, we bring you the same authors you'd find in the best manga. Our manga aren't just for wasting time; they're top quality!

    * New content every day
    Manga Box is a weekly magazine…but it's updated every day! Since we have new content every day, you can read new manga whenever you use our app. Of course, you can still read one week at a time.

    * Tablet optimized!

    We recommend you use Wi-Fi when accessing Manga Box.

    Your device might not be compatible even if the OS version is supported.

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