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    MangaFan Helper allows you to handle a Shopping List for Manga and Comics. You can add a comic, with issue number and release date, and have your list always ready with you. Expecially useful at the comic store and to manga fans everywhere.

    The application will store the list, let you change a single entry, remove a single entry (for example: you are at the comic store and wish to remove a comic you've just picked), add an entry specifiying a release date or let the app insert one for you. You can customize the color of the list or even the background.

    The app fully supports landscape and portrait modes, as well as the touchscreen used to scroll the list and to handle input.

    # Add a comic with its release date to the Shopping List.
    # Edit or Remove any comic from your list.
    # Handle on the fly the comics you buy at the comic store, removing them and viewing the one you still have to buy.

    For any support, please check the app webpage here:

    This is the Lite Version. The only limitation is about the size of the Shopping List. A maximum of 3 manga/comics are allowed in this version. Please, consider to buy the full version if you enjoy this app!

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