Team M.O.B.I.L.E #3

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    Team M.O.B.I.L.E #3

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    The adventures of Team M.O.B.I.L.E. continue! They are the undesirables, the no-hopers, misfits… the teenagers who don’t fit in, who flunk every school test and often end up on the wrong side of the law.

    But these teens have a secret – they are secret agents for a mysterious international organisation – the Mindmerge Organisation Bureau – International Law Enforcement. Selected using secret tests, they're gifted with skills to tackle any threat to the world, anywhere and any time!

    In Game World, the teen agents investigate the disappearance of children from a major theme park - and uncover a sinister plot - the work of deadly Cyboks!

    Team M.O.B.I.L.E. is a Rok Comics production brought to you by creator Jonathan Kendrick, Ferg Handley (script), Andrew Chiu (art), Kris Carter and Kirsty Swan (colour) and Jim Campbell (letters), backed by a full UK-US voice cast and soundtrack!

    - Full colour action comic with swipe to read navigation

    - Click-to-listen full audio soundtrack: don't just read Rok Comics, hear them!

    - Easy to use navigation

    - Controllable Pop-Up extras profiling key characters and equipment

    - Background feature on the world of Team M.O.B.I.L.E. and the Cyboks!