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    Think Before You Leap

    Page 1: Once upon a time there lived a lion in a jungle. He was the king of jungle. He was very powerful. He used to sleep inside his den peacefully. No one dared to disturb him sleeping.

    Page 2: One day a naughty mouse came in his den. He started living in a hole in the den. The mouse was very mischievous.

    Page 3: When the lion used to fall asleep, the mouse came out of his hole, went near the lion and checked if he is fast asleep or not.

    Page 4: When the mouse got assured that the lion is sleeping, he used to climb on the lion’s back and started jumping upon him.

    Page 5: The jumping mouse used to awaken the lion. When the lion got awakened he used to run away and disappeared in his hole. This made the lion very angry.

    Page 6: The mouse became the headache for the lion. The lion was unable to sleep peacefully. He had to do something to get rid of the mouse. He got an idea.

    Page 7: He thought that he should hire someone who could watch the mouse while he went asleep. He thought that a cat would be suitable for this job because cat is the enemy of mouse.

    Page 8: So the lion called a cat the next day and made him understand what he had to do when the lion went asleep. The cat said, “My mighty king! It is my honor to serve you.” In return the lion gave shelter and food to the cat.

    Page 9: Now the cat used to take care that the mouse could not interrupt the lion’s sleep. The mouse also did not come out of his hole because of the cat’s terror. Now the lion used to sleep peacefully.

    Page 10: One day the lion was out for a hunt. The cat was taking rest. The mouse thought that it was the suitable time to go out of his hole. So he came out quietly in search of food.

    Page 11: As he was searching food in the den, suddenly the cat saw him. The mouse was unaware that the cat saw him. The cat did not want to lose the opportunity.

    Page 12: The cat took a giant leap and caught the mouse very easily. Now the mouse was under the cat’s paws. Cat’s mouth filled with water, he could not resist the temptation and ate up the mouse.

    Page 13: Now the lion came back from hunting. The cat boasted in front of the lion that he had finished the mouse and the lion could sleep in peace.

    Page 14: The lion became happy. The trouble was over now. Now the lion thought that he no more needed the cat. He did not need to arrange food for the cat. His need of the cat was also over now.

    Page 15: So the lion decided to dismiss the cat from the job. He called the cat and asked him to leave the den immediately. The cat got shocked.

    Page 16: The cat left the den heavy heartedly. Now onwards he had to take care of his shelter and food himself. He not only killed the mouse but also the reason of his importance to the lion.

    Page 17: The moral of the story is “Always think before you leap. One should think before he does something, otherwise he may have to repent afterwards.”

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