"Trip to Kamakura" Love Story

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    "Trip to Kamakura" Love Story

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    Love is like the unamusing joke!

    Mrs. Usako is 33 years old.
    Mr. Ham is 47 years old.
    They are middle age's married couple. And, they are the rabbit and hamster.

    Mr.Ham is very timid. And, Mrs. Usako is angry soon. She is hysteria.

    They go on a trip to Kamakura on holiday.

    However, they do the husband-and-wife fight. The cause is a curry of the lunch. They suffer, and, in addition, travel. It is nightmarish.

    Their love is like the unamusing joke. How does their love become it? Road movie cartoon of love and irrationality.

    Language is English.
    Genre: Love Story
    Pages: 25p(Full-Color)
    Author: Mori Kanda
    Publisher: Hamster Books

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