By its functionality and success stories, it was awarded with STATE AND NATIONAL AWARDS:

    1. The R & T GOB Award 2015 - Presented by the Committee of Informatics, State and Municipal Public Administration (CIAPEM) on Dec-1-2015
    2. The More Innovative Public Sector Award 2015 - Awarded by the magazine InnovationWeek on Nov-5-2015
    3. The State Science and Technology Award 2014 - Presented by the Council of Science and Technology of Baja California (COCYTBC) on Dec-4-2014

    Through the Secretariat of Public Security, the Baja California state government provides to its citizens and tourists, the “911MovilBc” app, which allows mobile phone users to request emergency response through cell phone data and calls.

    Make a call to the number 911 sending your location through data network, saving important response time during an emergency, and with that ease the attention from the institutions.

    Through this application you may use the following features:

    1. Call to the number 911 with GPS location.
    2. Chat session with a telephone operator with GPS location.
    3. Emergency button with GPS location.
    4. Amber Alert and missing persons notifications.
    5. Informative guides.
    6. Medical profile

    When to use this app:

    • Transit accidents
    • Fires
    • Criminal activity in progress
    • Hazardous material leaks
    • Injury

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