iDVR Plus App
    (Please ensure that the most up-to-date firmware is installed on the recorder.)

    1. Remote access to live images and recordings
    2. Live image display from up to 16 cameras
    3. Intuitive user interfaces with camera organisation via drag & drop
    4. Pinch-to-zoom function for stepless zooming (digital) in the camera's live image and during playback
    5. Full-screen display in landscape mode
    6. Direct saving of snapshots/video clips from the live view or the playback function onto the local device memory
    7. Control of a PTZ camera using finger movements on the touch screen
    8. Configuration and call up of pre-set positions
    9. App-based switching of alarm outputs
    10. Integrated online help function

    Remote access – simple and convenient
    Mobile remote access to ABUS recorders is made easy with the free iDVR Plus app for Android. With this app, iPhone users can conveniently access live images and recordings from up to 16 cameras when they’re on the go.

    iDVR Plus with improved user interface
    The new and intuitive user interface allows you to create individual camera and view favourites, and to configure pre-set positions for monitoring various scenarios. The pinch-to-zoom function enables stepless zooming in the camera's live image and the camera playback. In addition, a PTZ camera can be easily navigated by finger movements and alarm outputs can be conveniently controlled.

    Sending of live images via MMS or email
    Snapshots and video clips can be directly created from the live view or the playback function and stored on the local device memory. The corresponding file is saved in the image folder and can be conveniently sent from there via MMS or email.

    Large selection of languages
    This app is available in German, English, French, Dutch and Danish.

    Compatible with:
    NVR10010, NVR10020, NVR10030, NVR10040, HDCC90001, HDCC90011, HDCC9002,
    TVVR20000, TVVR20001, TVVR30000, TVVR30001, TVVR30002, TVVR30003, TVVR30004,
    TVVR35002, TVVR35010, TVVR35011, TVVR36000, TVVR40000, TVVR40010, TVVR40020, TVVR40021, TVVR41000, TVVR41100, TVVR41100, TVVR41120, TVVR41200, TVVR41210, TVVR41220, TVVR45020, TVVR45021, TVVR45030, TVVR50010, TVVR50011, TVVR50020, TVVR50021, TVVR60010, TVVR60011, TVVR60020, TVVR60021, TVHD80000, TVHD80010, TVHD80100, TVHD80110, TVHD80120, HDCC90000, HDCC90010, HDCC90020, TVIP83900, TVIP86900, IPCS24500, TVVR30004, TVVR33004, TVVR33005, TVVR33008, TVVR33009, TVVR36000, TVVR36300, TVVR36400, TVVR36700, TVVR36800

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