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    Active listening

    Wikipedia defines active listening as…

    is a communication technique that requires the listener to feed back what they hear to the speaker, by way of re-stating or paraphrasing what they have heard in their own words, to confirm what they have heard and moreover, to confirm the understanding of both parties.
    Every good conversation starts with good listening!
    Do we Hear What People are Really Saying?

    Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness, and on the quality of your relationships with others.

    • We listen to obtain information.
    • We listen to understand.
    • We listen for enjoyment.
    • We listen to learn.
    • We keep the channel open and avoid short circuits
    • We check attitude and atmosphere
    • ….and more!

    Given all this listening we do, you would think we'd be good at it!

    In fact most of us are not, and research suggests that we remember between 25 percent and 50 percent of what we hear.

    That means that when you talk to your boss, colleagues, customers or spouse for 10 minutes, they pay attention to less than half of the conversation. This is dismal!

    Effective listening is listening to the words of the speaker and the meaning of the words.
    The listener takes active responsibility to understand the content and feeling of what is being said and then checks with the speaker.

    Clearly, listening is a skill that we can all benefit from improving. By becoming a better listener, you will improve your productivity, as well as your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate.

    What's more, you'll avoid conflict and misunderstandings. All of these are necessary for workplace success!

    Download now and become an active listener by:

    1. Paying Attention
    2. Showing That You're Listening
    3. Providing Feedback
    4. Deferring Judgment
    5. Responding Appropriately
    6. and more!

    Find out more , download now...To your success!

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