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    Legacy version: Please download Advanced Call Blocker for the most recent version.
    Easy to use Call, SMS and MMS blocking app for Android 2.1+ (Now with Android 2.3 Answer and End Call support)
    3 Ways to Block Calls:
    * Answer and End Call
    * Send to Voicemail
    * Silence
    Message blocking:
    * Block SMS messages
    * Block MMS messages

    Fully Customizable Filters to Block:
    * Unknown and Private (restricted) numbers - Numbers with no display, blank numbers etc. (usually when someone calls your number using *67).
    * Not in contacts - Block all numbers that are not listed in your contacts.
    * Block List - Add numbers from the call log, from your contacts or type numbers in manually. Import and export the block list to the SD card to a simple pipe-delimited format. Ability to block ranges of numbers.
    * Area Codes - Use the built in NANPA database to block invalid/out of service area codes and/or any area code you specify (US/Can).
    * Invalid numbers - Block numbers with an invalid number of digits (US/Can).
    * International numbers - Block numbers from international callers.
    * Block messages from e-mail addresses, can also allow contact e-mail addresses.
    * Exception List - Allow specific numbers. Can switch modes and block all numbers except the ones in your exception list.

    Fully Customizable Preferences:
    * Display notifications in the status bar when a call or SMS is blocked.
    * Remove recently blocked calls from the Android call log.
    * Send a reply to a blocked number/SMS with a user-defined message.
    * Widget - Add the ACB widget to your home screen for easier call blocking. Simply tap the widget and it will ask you to confirm if you want to block the last incoming call.
    * History - View the details of all incoming calls, if a call was Blocked or Allowed, why it was blocked (based on your settings) and the date/time of the call.
    * Silence First Ring - Silence the ringer and vibrate for incoming calls, then un-silence if the call is not blocked. This will reduce or eliminate ring and/or vibrate time for incoming calls that are blocked.
    * Disable if In Call - ACB will not hang up on your current call if a blocked number comes in.
    * View blocked SMS messages (MMS messages cannot be saved)

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