Alrrt LITE




    Allrt is a must have for every parent, first responder, care-taker, or business person- Alrrt makes sure you never have to worry about missing those emergency texts while still allowing you to keep your ringer turned off for meetings, movies, family time, bed time, and more!

    Simply activate Alrrt, choose your "Trigger Words", assign a unique ring tone to them, and Alrrt takes care of the rest.

    When you don't want to be disturbed, by every phone call or text message that comes in, but still need to make sure you are alerted in the case of emergencies, Alrrt is the key:

    When someone sends you a text message with one of your pre-selected Trigger Words, Alrrt will make your phone vibrate and sound the unique ringtone you assigned it, even when your ringer is set to silent.

    If you are at a movie and you've programmed the word "emergency" as a Trigger Word and then silenced your ringer, your phone will stay quiet through the movie unless you receive your Trigger Word, which will then respond with your pre-set alarm.

    ONLY the Trigger Words will override your silent mode, and ONLY the Trigger Words will play the ringtone you assigned them, meaning you can set it and forget it, knowing that then only texts you will be interrupted by, are the ones you pre-selected based on your Trigger Words.

    Great for parents who want a peaceful night without worrying that the baby sitter can't reach them.

    Great for business meetings when you don't want to miss that one important message, but can't afford to keep receiving every other message that comes across your phone.

    Great for people who are "on-call", but don't want to just sit around waiting "just in case". Go golfing, sleep in, have a nice breakfast out with the family. Just set the proper Trigger Words, and you will still get the call in without all the other noisy distractions!

    The "LITE" version of Alrrt allows for a single Trigger Word and is ad-supported.

    For multiple Trigger Words and an ad-free experience, check out Alrrt Premium!

    Alrrt- Set it. Forget it. Still get it.