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    This app receives status notifications from "Internet-of-Things" messaging service. Please visit to learn more.
    Examples for notifier app usage:

    get notified on your mobile device when...
    - someone rings your doorbell or your landline phone rings (useful when in the garden etc.)
    - washing machine is finished
    - water/fire is detected in your house
    - movement is detected (PIR-Sensor), family member returns, intruder, pet...
    There is almost no limits with arduino sensor hardware.

    What you need:
    - Set up an account on (free)
    - (check out some examples on page)
    - setup your arduino, src:
    - create an Input on, grab the key, put into arduino src, compile, install.
    - create an Ouput on, grab the key and paste to Notifier App config (please use copy & paste from mobile browser or mail and do not enter 40chars)
    - create a direct Event to bind Input + Ouput,

    Now your messages are routed to notifier app. Start the background service and receive almost realtime notifications.
    Everywhere, depending on your connection of course.

    - INTERNET: for connection to service
    - ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to check for network availability
    - WAKE_LOCK: to stay connected. Can drain your battery especially on bad connection with many reconnects
    - VIBRATE: for vibrate notification (can be disabled)

    tags: Status notifications for the DIY-Internet-of-Things, for Arduino & Co, messaging, realtime notifications, websockets

    Tags: arduino notification notifier , internet of things examples