aPDR-mobile allows you to access the PACOM PDR range of DVR’s in remote locations and monitor live video via a network connection anytime, anywhere.

    aPDR-mobile 3.6.x
    * Works on Android 4.0 or later (Ice cream Sandwich ~ the latest version)

    aPDR-mobile 3.4.0
    * Works on Android 2.3 ~ 3.x (Gingerbread ~ Honeycomb)

    aPDR-mobile 2.1.3
    * Works on Android 2.3 ~ 4.3 (Gingerbread ~ Jelly Bean)

    Supported Equipment:

    PDRH-RMT Series(FW v7.00.011 or above)
    PDRH-PC Series (FW v7.00.011 or above)

    PDR-420 (FW v4.0.0 or above)
    PDRH-420 (FW v4.0.0 or above)
    PDRH-440 (FW v1.2.0 or above)
    PDR-440H (FW v3.4.1 or above)
    PDRH-DM104 (FW v2.0.1 or above)
    PDRH-EL104 (FW v1.0.0 or above)
    PDRH-4LX (FW v1.0.1 or above)
    MDR410 (FW v1.1.2 or above)
    MD204 (FW v1.2.1 or above)

    PDR-800 (FW v2.0.1 or above)
    PDR-800e (FW v 2.1.0 or above)
    PDR-8LX-PRO (FW v 2.3.6 or above)
    PDRH-208 (FW v 1.2.1 or above)
    PDRH-8-RT (FW v 1.0.2 or above)
    PDRH-8HD-RT (FW v 1.0.0 or above)
    PDRH-8HD-Hybrid (FW v 2.3.0 or above)
    MDR810 (FW v 1.1.2 or above)
    MD208 (FW v 1.2.1 or above)

    PDR-1600 (FW v2.0.1 or above)
    PDRH-1600e (FW v2.1.0 or above)
    PDR-16LX-PRO (FW v2.3.6 or above)
    PDR-16LX-RT (FW v2.3.6 or above)
    PDR-16LX-RTH (FW v2.3.6 or above)
    PDR-Platinum-D1 (FW v2.1.0 or above)

    PDRH-416 (FW v1.1.6 or above)
    PDRH-16-RT (FW v1.0.2 or above)
    PDRH-16HD-RT (FW v1.0.0 or above)
    PDRH-16HD-Hybrid (FW v2.3.0 or above)
    PDRH-16-Platinum-HD (FW v1.1.0 or above)
    PDRH-16-Platinum-Hybrid (FW v2.3.0 or above)
    MD416 (FW v1.2.1 or above)

    EVOnet-E01 (FW v2.3.0 or above)
    EVOnet-E04 (FW v2.2.0 or above)
    EVOnet-C-FB Series (FW v2.2.0 or above)
    EVOnet-C-VD Series (FW v2.2.0 or above)
    EVOnet-C-SM10DNW (FW v1.3.1 or above)
    EVOnet-C-FB Rev.A Series (FW v1.0.3 or above)
    EVOnet-C-VD Rev.A Series (FW v1.0.3 or above)
    EVOnet-A20DN-IRWH (FW v1.0.0 or above)

    SmartIP 8E/4E (FW v1.2.0 or above)

    [Release Notes]

    - supports Fisheye video de-warping
    - supports two-factor authentication aka 2FA
    - 2FA Registration uses Android device name that you can edit on Settings.
    - Edit Box text size is not changed any more by Huge text on Android Settings.
    - fixed Audio connection failure to old products via FEN
    - fixed crashes on Capture

    - supports Push Notification
    - supports PiP on digital zoom
    - supports OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering (Android 4.0 or above)

    - controlling two-way audio for speaker and mic respectively
    - fixed fast-forward & rewind bug
    - fixed broken frames on Watch

    - supports new events Video Analytics and Network Alarm
    - OpenSSL updated
    - improved network module initialization
    - Video caching routine refined
    - Decoding performance improved
    - some misspelled words corrected

    - User experience improvement program is adopted. Using patterns and crash reports will be sent to us automatically for future development if you participate in it. We do not collect any of user information.
    - Character encoding option is not provided any longer and it is configured internally based on the language chosen by Android Settings.

    - fixed search connection failure for some devices
    - fixed wrong indexing in PTZ preset

    - supports speed control by repeating the button fast forward and rewind
    - supports session managing as the group of the user is scheduled on the device
    - some events added
    - added today marker on the calendar
    - fixed infinite waiting for Search reconnection

    - supports Russian
    - supports OSD texts auto scaling
    - fixed wrong initial values in the field received data on Search
    - fixed some decoding failure cases

    - supports ART(Android runtime)
    - supports 3M pixel video
    - supports Digital zooming control for both Watch and Search
    - decoding performance improved
    - fixed connection failure with multilingual ID

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