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    App to view Call History, generate reports based on numbers,

    Worried about phone usage? Surprised by humongous phone bill generated at end of month. Want to view your incoming and outgoing call details at one glance and immediately ? Try 'aPhoneMeTiX', a phone call and SMS monitor tool.
    aPhoneMeTix is a popular and completely offline phone monitor tool. aPhoneMeTix allows you, to anytime view your incoming and outgoing phone usage. With this simple tool you can view your incoming and outgoing calls and with whom you have most interactions. It displays all details in report as well as graphical manner.
    aPhoneMeTix gives you amazing reports that you can share/print.
    This is mobile based application. Once downloaded, the device doesn't need Internet connection for displaying them. We guarantee that, with this app you can save tons of money. This app actually shows periodical usage of your mobile, which helps you, your family & friends everyday.

    Some features of 'aPhoneMeTiX' -
    - Track your phone usage to avoid extra charges on your bill
    - Track historical data to understand your calling patterns.
    - Intuitive graphs and reports available at single click.
    - Generate Customised Reports & Graphs
    - Share and print your report
    - No Internet connection required
    - Main application page can be viewed in ( English, Marathi )

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