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    When the mobile network is unavailable by disabling the mobile network or access point name (APN) controls, ApnMailGate allows the mobile network communication for the specified time after received incoming mail notification.
    Originally the mobile network is enabled and the access point name (APN) must be set correctly in order to use the mobile network. However sometimes the mobile network is turned off or the APN is changed for saving the packet communication fee, saving the battery of device, or some other reasons. In such a case, you cannot receive your mails if the Wi-Fi communication is unavailable.
    ApnMailGate opens the mobile network gate and allows the mobile network communication for the specified time in order to receive the mail when received incoming mail notification. Actually, before the mobile network gate is opened, ApnMailGate checks the Wi-Fi and the mobile network states. And then ApnMailGate opens the mobile network gate if the communications are both unavailable.
    You can also open the mobile network gate by manual operation. It\'s useful when you want to send a mail.
    Since version 2.0, 'Watch mail notification' setting is available. When the setting is turned on, the app watches notification messages of mail app in the notification bar. The gate will be opened by 'Unreceived mail' notification from mail app and will be closed by 'New mail' notification within the specified gate open time. Also on the manual gate open, the gate will be closed by 'Transmission completed' notification or 'Transmission failed' notification within the specified manual gate open time. However the 'ApnMailGate' of accessibility setting must be turned on when the 'Watch Mail notification' was turned on. The message that this accessibility service may be able to collect all the text you type including personal data will be displayed, but the app watches only notifications of other apps.

    (1) ApnMailGate is watching incoming carrier-mail notification. Therefore ApnMailGate is available only in ntt-docomo's Android devices on SPmode contract.
    (2) Turn on Automatic Mail Receive option in the mail settings.
    (3) ApnMailGate and the mail app are not working linked each other. The mail app might give up receiving mail before the mobile network gate is opened by ApnMailGate. You should adjust value of 'Connection wait time out', and turn off Wi-Fi setting in non Wi-Fi space.
    (4) ApnMailGate is trying to detect incoming mail notification for the mail app. In some case of device types, versions of OS, versions of the mail app, or the combination of those, ApnMailGate may not detect incoming mail notification well. Also even the app is available in your device now, it may get unavailable in future.
    (5) ApnMailGate controls the access point name (APN) in order to open/close the mobile network communication. ApnMailGate may not work if another APN control app is running.
    (6) If you are using a task control app, be careful to not stop the processes of ApnMailGate.
    (7) Please find appropriate 'gate open time' and 'connection time out' with considered with the performance of your device and the average size of your E-mails. Author has no responsibility even if you received the packet communication bill much more than you expected.
    (8) On Android 4.1 and the later, the app cannot read other app's log for security reasons. You should turn on 'Gate open at WapPush' or 'Watch Mail notification' to detect incoming mail on these versions of OS.
    (9) This APP is no longer available on Android 5.0 and the newer OS because the mobile network cannot be controlled on these versions of OS.

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