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    The scope of the application is to provide you fast information about local area.
    The application is based on people communication but is missing a contact list, because the contact list is your geographical position. All the time around you there are people which can help with a quick answer about your immediate problem.
    Even at the base is working as a proximity chat, the application purpose is not to keep contact with other persons, but to offer fast answers about your questions into the local area.
    And if you can put questions to people around you why not to see what they are seeing? The application provides the feature to request people around to send pictures about what they are seeing.
    You can see the application as a mobile information point. When you make a trip into a new town and have questions the best idea is to visit an information point or to ask people around you. Consider that you have this information point all the time with you and you can put a question to 30 people in same time.
    The big picture is a web of mobile devices which interact only into a close proximity area. You can browse this sea of local information moving from a geographical point to another.

    And now some technical specifications:
    The application is based on a request-answer protocol.
    A request has the life time of 1 hour. After 1 hour the request is deleted automatic from system.
    The application is working with GPS location of the device but it truncates the coordinates.
    It does not know the exact position of a phone.
    Instead it knows that the phone is inside of an area having 2.5 square km but does not the exact position inside this area.
    The application maximum proximity raze is 10 km.

    Questions can be raised using the button "Raise a question".
    You can input the question into the new opened window and press send for delivery.
    The system is searching the users closer by you and forward the question.
    When the users reply, their answers are forward back to you and the application announce you about incoming messages.

    Pictures offers you the possibility to see what is after the corner.
    Pressing the button "Show me what you see" the system forward the requests to the closer users by your location.
    When the users take the pictures and reply back the system forward you the photos and announce about incoming messages.
    To have the option of a long term using of the feature a picture has a size of 20 KB. Sending or receiving 50 pictures means 1 MB.
    A picture can be request once at 5 minutes considering that in 5 minutes a person does not change the position very much, so the snapshot around you is accurate.

    Replying to other users requests is the complementary operation at the opposite site of the connection.
    You have the option to reply at a text message selecting the question.
    A new window is opening where you can read the entire message and have the possibility to respond.
    For the pictures the application prompt you with the photo camera screen.
    You just need to take a picture normal like for your photo album and the application is taking care by the rest.
    In the case that you have many pictures requests in your list
    the application is sending the picture to server only once having attached the lists of all requests.
    On the server the system multiply the picture to be sent to all users.
    So responding to one or 30 picture requests it is same band consumption 20 KB.
    A request is available 1 hour. After 1 hour the application deletes the request.

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