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    Alice is the world's best artificial intelligence program currently. Wallace designed program takes a design too similar to human thinking, that many people take Aclie as a real person. People poured out her privacy on the Internet, talk about their lives and dreams, they talk about faith, to talk work, also talking about over Britney spears's favorite.
    1966, MIT professor JosephWeizenbaum invented Eliza, it can be statements into question user, imitate psychiatrist repeated questioning mode. The patient words For instance you say: I am tired of my mother. Eliza will ask: why are you very vexed you mom? Eliza only mechanical mimesis inventor JosephWeizenbaum feeding it some sentences. Soon, it is treated as a joke by academic groups behind. However, Eliza's simple but attracted Wallace. As a professor, he often had the feeling like Eliza - numb again and again to teach a course in teaching, tenured professor position in the application form will be filled in a monotonous job description and fill in, but always hit time and time again. He determined to Eliza upgrade allowed to fully disseminated its own personality. What kind of personality? When the user becomes impatient and win their sentences ironic, witty and clever to be hit back.
    November 23, 1995, Alice was born. He put this chat program installation to web server, and then stay on while observing what Internet users say.
    In January 2000, he decided to send Alice to the annual compete for Loebner prize. To participate in Loebner prize from around the world are competing for the AI ??developer, and finally beat many competitors. And finally Alice beat many competitors. She also therefore was announced as "Most like the human.".
    In the Monica Lewinsky during a hearing, a netizen asked Alice: "Do you think President Clinton should be impeached it? "
    Alice replied: "That will depend on what you have said that 'that' mean. "Alice's answer is really wonderful, is not it?"
    This software is more fun to show the robots for the Alice to find a boyfriend AFROBOT, he is a chat robot with a male personality.

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