Autoply - Autoresponder




    Autoply is Android's simplest SMS autoresponder. Simply type in a custom message, save it and press the Activate button to send an instant SMS containing your custom message to anybody trying to contact you via text message. When you eventually become available, just press the button again to stop the application from sending automatic messages - easy!

    Perhaps you're in an important business meeting or examination and you'd like to send a customisable, automatic reply to somebody trying to contact you via SMS? Or maybe you're simply asleep or driving? Autoply can cater for every scenario where you are unable to respond to SMS messages.


    1. Fully user-customisable messages
    2. "Auto Reply" message appended to the beginning of your customised message to show the recipient that your reply is automated
    3. Minimalist interface. Activate and deactivate at a touch of button - no complicated menus or options!
    4. Advertisement-free
    5. Send messages of unlimited length to any incoming number
    6. Sets your phone to "Vibrate" mode while active so SMS sounds don't interrupt you
    7. Notification icon in the taskbar so you know when Autoply is either on or off