Remember when... every time you wanted to save something, you sent yourself an email? How 20th century! Then along came the cloud and services that could remember stuff for you. But then you'd forget to go back and see what you saved! Turns out email wasn't so bad after all, except for the part about actually composing a message and sending it to yourself. We've made it simple: Share stuff to AutoSend, and AutoSend will send it to your email. No more addressing, not even a send button!

    AutoSend is free to download and use. If you find it useful, we hope you will purchase its license (as a separate app).


    To use AutoSend, simply use the Share or Send command from any other application, choose AutoSend from the list that pops up, and AutoSend will email the shared content to you.


    1) Main page, where you can send a test message or access the settings or log.

    2) Settings: configure the address where you'll receive your messages, optionally configure the sender (messages sent by default from Starry Sky Software); configure the test button; configure logging.

    3) An example of how you use AutoSend, simply by sharing.

    4) An example of the log of your activity, if you wish to save it.

    5) A sample email message that was sent by the AutoSend application.


    1) INTERNET, to send you an email message.

    2) ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, to determine whether we can do that.

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