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    AutoSMS Light All-In-1 App

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    With AutoSMS Light All-in-1 App, you will be able to answer all incoming text messages automatically with a custom reply message that you create.

    The AutoSMS Pro Version has "Auto SMS" app (let's you customize auto reply message & responds with your current GPS location to the recipient). In order to have all our cool apps & features, please upgrade to our "AutoSMS Pro All-In-1 App". The Pro version includes the "AutoSMS" and the following apps: "Text-Message by Voice" feature will let you send text by voice. SMS Reader can read out the message for you when you are unable to look at the screen. The "Amazon Book Search" app will let you search and compare any book prices and information at amazon website. With "Find My Car" app, you click a button when you park your car, and the Android uses its location sensor to record the car’s GPS coordinates & address and will let you find your car.

    The AutoSMS Pro Version Features:


    ● Automatically respond with preset SMS message for receiving SMS when you are unable to reply (example: In meeting, Driving, sleeping, busy, etc)

    ● This feature might be helpful when you are unable to look up the screen and read SMS (like when you are driving). SMS Reader can read out the message for you in this condition. You might want to install Text-to-speech engine to work it well and the supported language is depend on the Text-to-speech engine.

    ★ Text-by-Voice
    ● If you want to send text by voice, pick a contact, and press the speak button. When you are done speaking, press the send button.

    ★ Amazon Book Search
    ● You can search and compare any book prices at amazon website. Note: In order to use the search books by "Scan" feature, you must have any barcode scanner app already installed to your phone.

    ★ Find My Car
    ● Find My Car app will let you find your car or current location. To remember/save your current location, press "Remember My Current Location". Whenever you want to display the remembered direction, press "Display Remembered Direction" and this will let you find your previously stored location.

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