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    Away Message for Text Messages

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    *** This App may not function if your operating system is above Ice Cream Sandwich ***
    *** It is remaining in place to support customers still running older versions of the Android Operating System ***

    My daughter wanted a good text messaging ‘away’ app for her new phone. After looking around, she came to me with marching orders. “You write Android apps to sell. Write one for Me.”, said she.

    I wrote one. My daughter made me do it.

    I made it a home screen widget When on, the widget responds to received text messages with an away message. If the sender is not in a special list, they will get the general message you have designated as the default message. If the sender’s phone number is associated with a message in your message list, they get the associated message. More than one person (phone number) can be associated with a special message. You can send a special away message to one person or groups. Every number without an associated message gets the general message. Imagine how you can annoy certain people and be nice to the world.

    The widget can turn away messaging on and off fast. Touch the widget and then touch the big red button. For even faster response, put the widget on all of your home screens. The widgets synchronize with each other. You will not have to hunt for the correct home screen. The widget is on all of them.

    There are two response settings. They switch between 1 response per number and 3 responses per number. The second setting will prevent special messages from being sent. If special messages are being blocked, the general (default) message will be sent. The defaults are 1 response and allow special messages.

    Hey, buy it. It’s cheap. It performs a desirable service. It’s fun. It is easy to use. It works. It is very battery friendly. It does not use much storage space.

    Moreover, enhancements will occur often. My daughter guarantees it. She already has a list. For that matter, send me a suggestion. I may add it to her list.

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