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    Published: 2013-01-15, by Manu Galvez.

    Back Key End Call is an app that adds such new calling feature to your Android

    • Fast hanging up with back key
    • Extra features
    • Intrusive ads

    "Touchscreen is not always the best option"

    Thanks to our smartphones we're getting use to touchscreens. Drag, swipe, pinch, tap, long-press, hold... These are currently part of our daily actions. In most of cases touchscreen helps us performing actions easier and faster. However, some actions are still comfier with physical buttons. Hanging up is one of them. Making the most of physical buttons of some device, Brink Applications has developed this interesting app.

    Back Key End Call does precisely what its name say: allow you to hang up any call by touching the "back" button in your device. Likewise, it comes with some extra features. For example, the app can lock the screen when call ends, if you enable it. What's more, you can set go to home screen on call end or even if showing back key service icon or not, vibrate phone when call ends or show toast ("Call successfully terminated!") when calls ends (that only can be disabled in the Pro version).

    Best: hanging up with the back button is comfy and actually fast. Worst: ads are intrusive while customizing the app.

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    Jan 15, 2013


    Have you tried to end call with the back button and instead of terminating the call, Android takes you the previous screen and the call in still active!?
    Now that is handled by Back Key Ends Call app!

    Reject incoming call with Back button
    Hang up ongoing phone call with Back button
    Even if you are out of the Phone app, you can terminate call with back button at any time!
    Faster than the Phone app's End Call red button
    Don't have to wait for the Phone app to show on ringing phone

    It's that simple! Right after installation everything is set up and ready to go - the next time you call someone, all you have to do is press the back button and the phone will hang up.
    Anyway, have in mind that if you press Android back key when the screen is off, nothing will happen, and this is expected behavior as, for instance, you could hit the back key by accident when phone is close to your face.
    The back button will end call only when you are on call screen, because you should be able to use back button to navigate back from any other screen.

    Other features:
    Setting to lock the screen when you end call, even if you hang up without this app.
    Vibrate phone when you end call with back key (great for accessibility).
    Silent mode - no reminders are shown in Android status bar or any other notifications (only available in Pro version).
    Have in mind that this app is extremely lightweight:
    The service is started only when a new call is initiated and is stopped always when the call ends.
    Small in size
    Really fast
    Now the greatest missing feature in Android is finally here!

    Please make sure to check with a test call of your choice that the app is working on your device.
    If the app is not working, please do not leave negative rating - instead write to our email,
    and we will do everything possible to fix your issue.

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