Best Spy App For Mobile Phones

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    Buy this app to keep track of your own communications or to monitor your loved ones (teenagers and pre-teen children). It is the most powerful remote phone tracking and monitoring system for Android phones.

    Get real-time email notifications from following monitors/trackers that are bundled into this single app:

    * SMS Tracker captures sent/received text messages including their Date-Time, Contact Name, Phone Number and the message

    * Phone Calls Tracker monitors incoming/outgoing/missed and rejected calls including their Date-Time, Contact Name, Phone Number and duration of call.

    * Internet Web Browser Tracker captures details about every page of every website that is opened in mobile phone.

    * GPS Location Tracker sends email notifications when user moves around.

    * Notification Messages Tracker captures every message shown in Status Bar/Notifications Bar of Android mobile phones.

    Other Features:

    * You can enable/disable each of above mentioned trackers or set daily time schedule when these trackers should be enabled.

    * Completely hidden from user: It does not have a launcher icon and it does not show-up unless you dial a secret trigger number (see screenshots)

    * It works fine for most of the Android mobile phones. It is also compatible with Android tablets that use a SIM card.


    Optional Add-On Feature: You can choose to save all reports on our website so that you can login at convenient times to review and analyze captured data using sorting and searching features. This service costs monthly subscription fees.

    This feature also helps in avoiding duplicate email notifications.

    When you use this feature then you can decide to not get email notifications. Just leave the Email field blank in this case.

    How to use it

    1) Install this app in Android phone that you would like to track/monitor.

    2) Open System Settings > Accessibility > P C Service For Android > Enable

    3) Open Phone app and Dial *881 (including the star). This will open App Settings screen

    4) Enter your email address if you would like to get real-time email notifications.

    5) Enable/Disable/Schedule the trackers/monitors as per your needs. Normally you can keep those all enabled.

    6) If you can afford monthly subscription fees then you can choose the option to save information in our secure database so that you can log into our website at convenient times to review and analyze captured data using sorting and searching features.

    7) Change Trigger number from *881 to a different number. Whatever number you enter, you will have to dial a * before secret number. This is to avoid conflict with regular phone numbers.

    8) Tap on Save or Send Email button.

    9) Close Settings screen.

    10) Delete *881 entry from Outgoing Calls Log.

    11) To be able to get the location of the phone is essential that the phone is GPS enabled. Please open phone settings. Select 'Location' and enable 'GPS' and 'Wireless Network" options.

    12) Some email servers may consider the email reports as spam/junk and put emails in Spam/Junk Mails folder. If you do not receive the email reports in your inbox, check the Spam/Junk Mails folder. Please configure your email account to not treat emails as spam/junk if email comes from

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