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    Biz Card Server can help you carry all the name cards.

    It is a free and very easy to be used.

    1. In CARD SCANNER, you can take a picture of one name card. After you have taken a picture, you need wait a moment. Then will appear a page with all information on the card. The page includes contact group, name, phone number, address and so on. Last save the page, you will find the contact in your contact book.
    2. In GALLERY, it includes all images you have taken. If you just take photos and do not save the card, you can recognize the card in here where just needs press the shortcuts of your mobile phone.
    3. In addition, this app can help you manage your contacts. The PHONE CONTACT collects all the contacts which are stored in your phone; you can make a call directly, or delete it. The SIM CONTACT has the same function. 4. Setting supports you do some settings to make the scanner suit you. I believe you know how to set this app.

    5. In SUPPLY, if you are satisfied with this app, please do not forget offer us five stars, and if you have any questions, you can supply us and tell us.

    Biz Card Server is a good assistant to store the business cards. Maybe it is not the best business card app, but it is rather practical. You can carry all the name cards with you conveniently and manage them. Download it without hesitation.

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