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    This program opens a VPN connection through the bluetooth channel and implement reverse DUN features. It requires BlueDUN installed and running on the host device or a GPRS modem/phone with an available BT DUN profile.

    This app works ONLY IF your device can manage VPN connections, in particular if the TUN.KO module is present. This module strictly depends on the hardware and must be compiled specifically for it. Some manufacturers prepare the firmware without re-compile that module or they even remove the file, so, it is not possible to open a VPN and not possible to use apps for the VPN (like OpenVPN or DroidVPN); please take a look to this link:

    1. Create the BT pairing between this client device (with BlueVPN installed) and the host device
    2. Make sure you have a valid internet connection and the BT-DUN profile on host; if necessary install the BlueDUN app
    3. Create a new VPN L2TP connection on client device, set "BlueVPN" as name and the VPN server equals to ""
    4. In case of direct modem connection (no Android phones) insert in the setting panel, the dial phone number, the access point and the other connection parameters

    1. Enable the wifi/mobile data connection on client (required only to allow the VPN connection opening, but not used for data transfers)
    2. Activate the bluetooth interface or open the BlueDUN app on host device
    3. Open the BlueVPN app on client, click the host name in the BT device list
    4. If BlueVPN does not connect automatically (Honeycomb), start it manually from the system settings (set any username and password)
    5. While BlueVPN is connected you can open a browser and navigate the internet throught the bluetooth tethering

    NOTE - there are applications that cannot retrieve network data from the VPN connection due to an Android bug (, please refer to the following list:

    - GMail
    - Email [ POP3 / IMAP ]
    - Google+
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - You Tube
    - Google Earth
    - Google Maps
    - Google Play (browse only)
    - Google Goggles
    - Kindle app
    - eBay app
    - SoundHound
    - Web Navigation (Chrome/Firefox/Dolphin...)

    - Google Play download
    - Skype
    - Zedge
    - Tune In

    If you like this application please make a video and post it on youtube to show how it works to other users

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