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    Published: 2014-02-12, by .

    Boat Browser is a fast and complete mobile browser flash supported

    • User Agent (displaying mode)
    • Import/export bookmarks
    • Fast and powerful
    • Amount of features
    • High customizable
    • Layout could be improved
    • Builds huge amount of data

    "Take the boat to surf the web"

    Boat Browser License Key is ad-free.

    Boat Browser isn't as well-known as other browsers that also have computer versions. It came up as an Android web browser, and was specifically developer for it. Perhaps for this reason, this is one of the best choices if you're looking for a powerful and fast Android web browser. Let's zoom in its main features.

    Boat Browser supports multi-tab. Scroll tabs horizontally and tap the one you want to display. It supports also volumen key control for switching tabs and zooming page. From fast-access features you can take screenshots, save pages, share links and disable multi-tab. You can set from the the User Agent which is how you want to display websites (you can choose as Android, iPhone, Desktop, Safari, Mozilla...). Boat Browsers allows you to bookmark you favorites webpages, import, export and sync with stock browsers bookmarks.

    One of the features we liked most is the customizable toolbar. You can add the tools that you use most, in order to have fast access to them: search, menu, fullscreen, day mode, lock, history, homepage... whatever you want. What's more, Boat Browser supports "Google Voice Search", multi-touch Pinch Zoom, websites shortcuts, app2sd and many other features.

    If you're looking for a fast browser, that supports Google Voice Search and Flash and which, in addition, contains all the basic features you need for an advanced web surfer, Boat Browser is your choce. High recommendable.

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    Feb 12, 2014


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    Boat Browser Pro License Key is used to unlock Pro features in Boat Browser (Attention: Not for tablet version and Mini version)... It has many Pro features:
    1. Floating tab feature which will float on any app.
    2. Removes the banner Ads in the bookmark page and the interstitial Ads when exit browser.
    3. Supports the ability to delete ALL speed dial icons, including the preset icons.
    4. Supports folders for speed dial icons.
    5. Firefox bookmark sync support.
    6. Support up to 32 tabs.

    More advanced Pro features will be added.

    The Pro License Key is an apk file, which should be download and installed. After it is installed, it works when you launch Boat Browser.
    !!! Please DO NOT uninstall the license key apk, if you do, it may not work.

    Boat Browser is a fast, smart and cool mobile browser.
    If you're looking for a fast and powerful Android web browser, this is the best choice.
    Boat Browser will bring you an amazing and premium web experience. It is fully customizable, you can easily change the button locations as you like, and you can install your favorite add-ons to make your browser even more powerful. With Boat Browser there is no limit to the way you can surf the Net.
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    Users comments for Boat Browser Pro License Key.

    Wasim Iftekharul Haque

    by Wasim Iftekharul Haque

    Sep 22, 2017  |  "Great"

    Basically above average to browse. that's good. But I feel two urgent option is missing. 1) Scroll screen short 2)Find this image with more size. Thanking you.

    Alana Harmony F.

    by Alana Harmony F.

    Jul 31, 2017  |  "Poor"

    The worst browser in Play Store. Even Dolphin isn't this bad. Force closes, slow to open, slow to open pages, and today it won't open anything, and deleted ALL of my browsing history, and bookmarks! Paid for this crappy app. I want my money back. I will be deleting this app if I can't get my bookmarks back. Too many important ones to be lost to limbo.... Going to Apple, and ditching all that is associated with samsung period!

    Fred Gray

    by Fred Gray

    Jun 03, 2017  |  "Poor"

    at first it seamed ok but then i figured out it don't play flash like it said it would. Its a pain to navigate through. i wasted $3 for nothing

    Mike Wallace

    by Mike Wallace

    Apr 18, 2017  |  "Good"

    When will get a web view update? Every site tells me that I'm using an old, unsupported, version of Chrome. I love Boat browser, but will it become useless?

    clif sehl

    by clif sehl

    Mar 01, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Still has add that pops up to download bjng app. That was the main reason I paid for it to stop that annoying add that is placed right in the way so you accidentally push it and takes you to app store. Dishoest

    Jean Shen

    by Jean Shen

    Feb 27, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I started to use the browser many years ago until the ads and paid version came out, eventually I came back to pay, still the best one.