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    Bonrix GPS Vehicle Tracker Android mobile apps is useful for tracking number of vehicle tracking unit (VTU), Portable asset tracking unit and personal tracking unit. This application works on two-way SMS. User can check position of vehicle or person or asset by sending sms which sent automatically from mobile app. In response to this sms mobile of tracking unit reply back with location information via SMS. It has SMS receiver which receive this sms and plot the vehicle position on Google MAP.

    Also works by Miss call(If GPS Device has facility).

    Application has below features...

    -You can add multiple devices in the System at a time.
    -You can track multiple vehicle or person or asset at time,
    -You can also Edit or Remove the Devices as per your need.
    Support Vehicle Tracking and Personal Tracking unit
    1. TK103 - Vehicle Tracking unit (Car/Truck)
    2. GT02 - Vehicle Tracking unit (Bike/Car)
    3. GT06 - Vehicle Tracking unit (Car/Truck)
    4. TK102 - Personal Tracker (Person/Bags)
    5. GT03B - Personal Tracker (Person/Bags)
    6. SGT 909 - Vehicle Tracking unit (Bike/Car)
    7. TK104 - Portable Asset Tracker cum Vehicle Tracker(Car/Truck).

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