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    NB: from version 9, it works with MIUI ROM with miui phone firewall disabled and "Message Priority" set to OFF in the Settings -> Advanced tab of the "Message" application of miui.

    What is Bouncer
    Bouncer is a manager of incoming calls, able to discriminate, following the instructions of the user, such as phone calls to accept and which to reject. Programs of this type are commonly called "Blacklister". Bouncer manages incoming calls and SMS. It operates on lists ALL OF 4 user-configurable, it supports the mobile phone address book, the last call notification and activation status of the service, has interactive log of calls and text messages received. Bouncer, also supports groups of numbers, for example, can recognize all the numbers from a corporate, which are usually numbers that start with a set of digits and change the last two or three digits.

    How Bouncer works
    When a call arrives, Bouncer consult the configurations set by the user and takes the subsequent decision to accept or reject the call. The refusal of the call is made ​​a special feature of Android, which is equivalent to the rejection of manual call made ​​by the user. As it is essential that Bouncer compare the number of incoming phone with lists of numbers and configurations set by the user, it must wait for the information of the telephone number of the caller is received from the telecommunications network. This information comes to your mobile phone at the first ring. In the case of a call rejected, it is inevitable that callers hear a rough first ring before the call is rejected.

    To decide whether to accept or reject a call, Bouncer has 4 different lists, which examines in sequence. They are:

    1) Blacklist
    2) Whitelist
    3) Always block this
    4) Always allow this

    The logical sequence in which the decision is made to accept or reject a call is as follows:

    if a number is present in BlackList, the call is rejected, unless the number is not present in Whitelist. The decision on the acceptance of the call will be revised when Bouncer analyzes lists "Always" (point number 3 and number 4), which may still change the decision on the acceptance of the call if the caller is included in one of the latter two lists.

    Each of the lists 1, 2, 3 and 4 has options that can be activated individually with the appropriate "checkbox". For example, the list 1 (BlackList) present the following options:

    a) Block All incoming calls
    b) Block Private and Anonymous
    c) Block number in my contacts
    d) Block my personal list

    The name of each option clearly explains the function performed.

    The last option (d) is present for all lists and is automatically enabled when you add one or more numbers in your personal list by clicking on the button to open the configuration window for the personal list.

    As mentioned, the decision to accept or reject a call is made after consideration of all the lists.

    Call Log and Other Preferences
    Incoming calls, whether they are accepted or rejected, are listed in the log, accessible from the button "View Call / SMS log". Each line of the log is interactive: holding the line, opens a menu that allows you to enter the phone number for the call in one of the four lists described above or directly call the number or add the number to your mobile phone address book. The number of events stored in the log can be configured (minimum 5, maximum of 250) in the content pane under "Other Preferences". In this section you can also decide whether to keep Bouncer icon appears in the notification bar and if, along with the call blocked, they also want to block all the messages from a given number.

    For complete documentation and configuration samples, check out website:

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