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    Published: 2012-09-10, by .

    Calistic! shows general call stats, top callers and related charts

    • Layout
    • Retrospective call log tracking
    • Accuracy
    • Needs alerts for calling time limit

    "Call tracker"

    Operator plans often set a free calling time limit (e.g. 500min/month). In this cases, tracking and monitoring your calls become a must. Calistic! can help you to track, monitor and have a deep knowledge about your calling profile.

    Unlike other apps of this kind, Calistic! tracks your calls log first time you launch it. This allows you to know your calling profile inmediately. From then, all your calls will be tracked in order to provide you accurate info about your calls.

    The app is divided in 4 tabs. First, "Overview" from where you can see day/week/month calling time, and a incoming/outgoing and missed calls counter. From "Chart" it will be displayed numbers or contacts you call most (percentage and minutes). From"Timeline" you can check a line graph that shows the evolution of your calls (this version shows just top 2 callers). Finally, "Social" is just a list of your top callers and details, you can share such info on your social network timeline.

    Monitor how much you call, who are your favorite calling contacts and adjust your calling plan to that info in order to save some money. Great app.

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    Calistic is a unique call analyzer that analyze your calls and represents them to you from multiple perspectives.

    - General call statistics, broken down into different time periods and call groups.

    - Check the top 10 callers and how they measure against each other.

    - Timeline provides a dynamic view of your contacts accumulated calls spread over time.

    - Social groups your calls by contacts or phone numbers (in case if number is not in your contact list). and then shows you even more details about each contact, incl: aggregated view of incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

    - Post contact statsitics to Facebook or send it by MMS

    - Supports virtually unlimited number of calls.

    Run the app every now and then and find out how, when and to whom are your calls made.

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