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    Remotely controlled alarm.

    * It will look after your car, room or telephone.
    * It reacts on moves, light, sound.
    * It records motion data.
    * It wiretaps the place of protection.
    * It informs you with the help of SMS or a call.

    On the main screen after starting choose sensors, which you would like to use.
    * Audio sensor reacts on increasing of the sound level;
    * Light sensor reacts on increasing of the lighting level (if such sensor is available on the telephone);
    * Motion sensor reacts on changing in space position (the motion sensor combines both acceleration and orientation sensors).


    The sensors sensitivity:
    * In case of false responses you should decrease sensibility of corresponded sensor.

    * Set telephone number, at which all the calls will be located and SMS will be sent in case of alarm response. Also you can control the alarm from this number.
    * Also you can enter login and password to your mail at service for sending the coordinates at E-mail.
    * Choose the instruction mode in case of alarm response.
    * Display an alarm - test alarm mode, it feeds out notifications about responds of sensors at the telephone.
    * "Report about low battery" – informs about low level of a battery charge.
    * "System notification SMS" - informs about alarm mode by SMS.

    * "Turn on definition" – activates GPS monitoring;
    * "The period of definition" – in seconds between requests of GPS coordinates;
    * "The period of sending SMS" – in seconds between sending SMS or a letter at e-mail with coordinates.

    The work with the programme.

    * "The time of leaving the car" – sets the time in seconds, during which you can leave the secure location.
    * Making settings – install the timers of sending and type of notifications (SMS, call), and contact telephone number or E-mail.
    * Place telephone with the alarm in a secret place in a car in order it could receive GPS signals, or, in extreme case, it could receive GPRS.
    * Choose the necessary track sensors (lighting, sound, motion), turn the button "On" and leave the safeguard place.
    * After the pointed time in settings "time of leaving the car" the period of "quietness" will begin, during that time the alarm will memorize the condition of all the activated sensors.
    * After the alarm respond you will be informed with the help of SMS or a call at a contact telephone number about the responded sensor (SMS only).
    * After 2 responds of the picked sensors the record and the sending of coordinates about location of a car will begin, with a period, pointed out in settings.

    Coordinates come in a form of: latitude longitude (12.345678 12.345678;)
    When receiving SMS with the list of the last coordinates you can enter these coordinates at web-site and find a car position or a car way.
    When receiving coordinates by e-mail in order to review them on the map you should go to the page using the link in the letter.

    The control of the alarm-system with the help of sending an SMS with the text:
    * The turning off the security arrangement - "off"
    * Turning on the security arrangement – "on"
    * The request of the last coordinates - "loc"
    * The request of the position of the alarm-system - "status"
    * The request callback from alarm on feedback phone number – "call"

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