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    Cell Phone Consume allows you to get self-control of the month-to-date consumption
    of your Android device to not exceed your plan limits. Cell Expenses also
    provides you with an alternative detailed quantity log of your montly bill.
    Did you ever find a call on your carrier bill that you think you didn’t make? Cell Phone Consume helps you out to check the monthly carrier bill, sending a report (on
    csv format generated from your phone activity) of your calls, SMS and data
    conections details to your email.

    - Real Time Consumption Monitor and Counters month-to-date to control your
    plans, letting you to keep them in the bay. You will not exceed your plan limit
    - Cell Expenses Provide a independent call log got from the device activity,
    letting you to export it to your email to check with your montly carrier bill. Even if
    the phone log is deleted, Cell Expenses will preserve the full call detail records
    in the file sent to you.
    - Separate Wi-fi and Carrier’s data counter.
    - Set of alarms to let you be notified anytime you get closer to your plan limits.
    - Graphics and stats about daily and monthly consumption by service (voice,
    sms, mms, data).
    - 1 x 1 and 4 x 1 WIDGETS with basic information.

    Soon it will be included a montly and month-to-date estimation of what “cost”
    should you aspire to pay with your actual consumption. This orientation will help
    you to know if you have a good deal on you plan.

    Cell Phone Consume it's only to USA operators. For Mexico, Venezuela, Brasil or Argentina download Gastos Celular. For Spain, Control de Consumo/ For France, Suivi Conso Mobile/ For UK, Plan Monitor / For Portugal Gastos de Telemovel

    About permissions: Cell Phone Consume needs to access your contacts to
    show you the detail of calls the name of the recipient, and not only the phone

    Confidentiality and data protection: the data stored in the registry are not at
    any time processed by any external application or are accessible by the Cell Phone Consume development team or by third parties.

    In future versions we will provide configurations for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile
    and Sprint plans and tariffs.
    Control your data, voice, SMS and MMS limits with Treconite Telecom Expense
    Management devices with this free version of Cell Phone Consume.


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