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    Chat with your business partners and other contacts securely and secretly by self-encrypted communication.
    Easy to use messenger tool that send encoded messages via the web.

    If you like ChatS from but don't want the ads, ChatSy is the app for you. You can still communicate with your contacts still using ChatS but you don't have the potential security threat of ads invading your device.

    You chose the encryption key and store it encrypted on your device using a Password potentially stored nowhere, and that only you know.
    Send the messages encoded, and decoded by a PasCode only you and your contact, the recipient, knows.
    We don't have these PasCode's so we can't see and details of your messages or who they are for, and we don't want to because we are not planning to scan your data so we can give you better ads.

    You can create a list of contacts so you can send to multiple recipients in one go, but each message is encoded separately using the PasCode you and that contact has agreed for your communication.

    We recommend that these PasCode's that you use for messages between contacts and between groups is communicated only verbally face to face, and not by any electronic means of communication.

    How to send a message:
    - You and your contact downloads ChatS from Google Play
    - You set it up by filling in a Display Name (used by your contacts as Contact Name) and Password (used to encode what is stored on your device) and press Register Now
    - You select Contacts, then Create Contact and enter your contacts Display Name as the Display Name and a mutually agreed PasCode. Your contact does the same entering your Display Name and the same mutually agreed PasCode in his/her contacts.
    - You select Sent Messages and Create Message, write your message subject and text as you would a normal email/sms, select your contact as the recipient (by long clicking/pressing on his/her name in the Out list to move it to the In list). Press Send and ChatS will encrypt the message and send it to the server.
    - Your contact selects his/hers Received Messages, presses Refresh and his/her ChatS will check for new messages, download the message from you, decrypt it and when selected display the original text.

    The decrypted message will only be visible on yours and your contacts device and the PasCode to decrypt it will never leave your devices.
    ChatS(y) use a new encryption numeric technique specifically developed for this app and do not depend on standards neither regarding formulas nor keys.

    ChatS(y) is adjustable to the following languages by pressing the button marked EN:
    English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindu and Arabic.

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    Messages sent can be sms type or longer telegrams/sita, or other types of electronic communication that needs to avoid prying ears, and secrets that want to avoid enigma type cracking or listening in. ChatS uses very low bandwidth and is very fast in action, working via a cloud service, but storing in protected form locally.
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