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    It's an easy way to inform a whole group of contacts personalized via SMS. For that purpose the app takes the already defined contact groups from your Google account.

    After choosing a Google group you just select the contacts (belonging to this group) which you want to send a personalized message. Furthermore you can use the app to create, update and delete contact groups which will be synchronized with your google account.

    Create new templates do define some SMS samples which you may need frequently. Use tags like [name prefix], [given name], [second name], [family name], [nickname] to define personal templates. During the send process these tags will be replaced by the actual name of a contact.

    Your recipients receive a personalized SMS and don't have the feeling of just being a member of your mailing list. Circular SMS is not only a tool for Group SMS it's much more a tool for serial letter or form letter or standard letter via SMS.

    After sending messages you will get a list to verify which messages are already sent, delivered or failed.

    This app requires version Android 2.2 API Level 8 (Froyo) or above.

    This app does not need internet but needs the following permissions: SEND_SMS, READ_CONTACTS, WRITE_CONTACTS, , GET_ACCOUNTS, READ_PHONE_STATE


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